Summer time

     Whether you’re looking for a location to celebrate your special moments together with family members and friends or just want to get away from the commotion of the city, we offer the ideal place where you can create unforgettable moments.

During summer, we offer an additional party facility, that features a large screened in deck and a dining room that can seat up to 30 guests. Located separately from the cottage, it allows the party to continue without interfering with guests that have other plans (i.e. reading, enjoy the cottage house deck & spa, sleep).

Additionally, when in search for things to do while there, the 50 acre private domain offers you and your guest the chance to hike, to mountain-bike or to golf on the 9 hole amateur golf course. The property has astonishing views along its many trails, and the charming pond tops off the array of options at your disposal.


Winter time

Regardless of the season you can find  the right activity for you, be it hiking, snowshoeing or skiing. Or maybe just enjoying a hot cocoa next to the fireplace.